Genre: Fantasy

Status: Released (PC)

Release Date: September 30, 2010 (PC) / March 2011 (PS3)

Official Website

Final Fantasy XIV marks the latest installment to the Final Fantasy series, and brings with it unprecedented levels of player choice and freedoms. Final Fantasy XIV introduces adventurers to the Armoury system, which influences character development as well as their individual gameplay experience. After choosing a path on which to embark, be it the Discipline of War, Discipline of Magic, Discipline of the Land or Discipline of the Hand, players may then select any of various classes, and need do no more than simply equip the proper weapon or tool to instantly change their active skills.

In their travels, players will come upon massive, crystalline formations known as aetheryte - dense concentrations of Hydaelyn's aether that allow for teleportation throughout Eorzea. By using small, rectangular plates called guildleves, the powers of aetheryte can be unlocked, granting players to ability to travel instantaneously from location to location. A wide variety of guildleves provide levequests tailored for individuals as well as large parties, with the end result being near endless opportunities for exploration and adventure for years to come.

* Conceived and produced from notable Final Fantasy developers - Produced by Hiromichi Tanaka (Final Fantasy I, II, III and XI), and directed by Nobuaki Komoto (Final Fantasy IX, XI), with art direction by Akihiko Yoshida (Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII) and musical score by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy series).

* In-depth character creation - Choose a race and clan before going on to customize your avatar's face, hairstyle, skin color and more, with subtle adjustments allowing for limitless possibilities.

* The Armoury - With defining emphasis on the game's weapons and tools, the Armoury is a unique class system that influences both character development and an individual's style of play. With it, players have the flexibility and freedom to fight, craft and gather whenever and however they so choose. Simply equipping an item will automatically cause the character to take on the class associated with it.

* Aetheryte transportation - Traverse the realm of Eorzea instantly using this seemingly supernatural teleportation system.

* Solo or Party play - Adventure alone or in the company of others as you undertake quests and engage in battles on your travels through Eorzea.

Final Fantasy XIV: the harsh numbers - November 6, 2010
Square Enix revealed some numbers from Final Fantasy XIV and they're not the most flattering. Only 630.000 copies were distributed to retailers (not sold) all over the world...

FFXIV Open Beta ending date - September 10, 2010
Square Enix announced the closing date of the Open Beta test for Final Fantasy XIV: September 19, 2010. Here’s the official word: We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the...

Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta postponed - August 31, 2010
The Open Beta for Final Fantasy XIV isn't starting on September 1st, after all. Square Enix announced the postponing due to "a confirmation of critical bugs". There's no new date yet...

Final Fantasy XIV collector's edition details - August 27, 2010
Square Enix revealed the details of Final Fantasy XIV collector's edition, to launch on September 22, 2010, nearly a week before the standard edition's release.

Final Fantasy XIV XP limit - August 26, 2010
Director Nobuaki Komoto revealed more about the fatigue system in Final Fantasy XIV, shedding some light on a feature that many players didn't fully understand.

FFXIV PS3 delayed due to memory - August 24, 2010
While Final Fantasy XIV launches at the end of September for PC, the PS3 version was delayed to March 2011. According to producer Hiromichi Tanaka, the reason was the lack of memory.

Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta announced - August 23, 2010
The official Final Fantasy XIV Twitter has a very important announcement: the open beta test will begin in early September. The complete message is...

Final Fantasy XIV with 18 classes - July 23, 2010
Speaking to Famitsu magazine, Square Enix has revealed that its MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV will offer an initial choice of 18 character classes. There are four groups of classes, or disciplines, if you prefer...

Final Fantasy XIV PC specs revealed - July 22, 2010
The official site for Final Fantasy XIV now features the recommended hardware requirements for Final Fantasy XIV, along with the recommended settings.

Final Fantasy XIV beta scheduled - July 8, 2010
The Final Fantasy XIV beta is scheduled. The announcement was made through the game's Twitter account, and the date is Saturday, July 10.

Final Fantasy XIV release date - July 1, 2010
Square Enix unveiled the official release date for the PC version of their MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV: September 30th, 2010. The PS3 version is scheduled for Mars 2011. The PC version will...

No FFXIV on 360 plans for now - June 22, 2010
In an interview to RPGsite, the producer of Final Fantasy XIV Online, Hiromichi Tanaka, said that there are no plans at the moment for a Xbox 360 version of the Square Enix MMORPG.

Final Fantasy XIV details leaked - April 8, 2010
This week's issue of Famitsu will feature a lot of details from the Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG. Apparently they're from the alpha version. Read them here...

FFXIII with code for FFXIV Beta - March 10, 2010
The official PlayStation Blog has announced that the initial production run of Final Fantasy XIII for the PlayStation 3 brings an exclusive bonus offer for Final Fantasy XIV.

FFXIV testing begins 11th March - March 1, 2010
The closed beta testing for MMO Final Fantasy XIV is about to begin. This was announced by Square Enix during the VanaFest 2010 convention in Tokyo.

Final Fantasy XIV character editor glimpse - December 22, 2009
Kotaku has some scans from a Japanese magazine showing some of the results from playing with the character editor in Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV Beta applications - December 17, 2009
The Final Fantasy XIV Beta test application site is now open, so all fans can flood the inscription page. This is the page for North American applications only, but...

PC Beta for Final Fantasy XIV - November 10, 2009
It's in the pages of Japanese mag Shonen Jump that Square Enix revealed their intentions: access keys to the PC Beta of Final Fantasy XIV will be placed inside...

Final Fantasy XIV TGS trailer - September 25, 2009
During this year's Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix introduced the second trailer for Final Fantasy XIV, blending cinematics and in-game footage.

Final Fantasy XIV with cross-platform play - September 1, 2009
Final Fantasy XIV will feature cross-platform play between the PC and PlayStation 3 versions, Square Enix’s Global Online Producer Sage Sundi confirmed.

Final Fantasy XIV: races and jobs revealed - August 10, 2009
Some races and classes from the eagerly awaited Final Fantasy XIV have been revealed, first as unconfirmed rumors, but now as legit.

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