Recently Vanguard: Saga of Heroes developers decided to take on a top 10 of questions from the community and answered them the best they could. It's interesting to realize some of their plans (or lack thereof), so just read it below:

Would it be feasible to have a/copysartok option like we do for the test server for one character of our choosing per account? so players from all three servers can get down n funky on sartok for some pvp action.

We were looking into to doing that more than a year ago but it is a very involved task and we decided to shelve it.

How soon can we expect new raiding content, as in a whole new dungeon or area with a solid, definable progression as in apw?

Halls of Shattered Souls comes out in the next couple of months.

Any plans to implement more casual dungeons of 4-6 man difficulty to avoid or give some relief from the hard grind?

We just released the Vi’Rak Lair revamp and are planning on working on Pankor Zhi.

It appears a lot of items have an "Imbued" enhancement slot on them and not one Imbued augment has been discovered, that being said can we get some info on em?

They have not been worked on as of yet.

Will steps be taken to help the PVP gameplay and/or population?

As we get more resources, sure.

With the reduction in curve of level 50+ and 18 man raid mobs now being 24 man raids, everyone and their grandmother will be killing these mobs, will there be a reduction in spawn timers for these overland raid mobs?

No plans to alter that at the moment.

What is your intent with respect to caster vs. melee dps? Should it be the same, higher, double? What about dps as between the several melee dps classes and as between the several caster classes?

We have discussed the details of the DPS hierarchy several times. The basic high level hierarchy is as follows Sorc>Rogue>DPS classes>Tanks>Healers. Parts of this break down further when looking at things like drunken monk ersus dragon monk, or bloodmage versus cleric but that is the basic breakdown.

Will the team attempt to fix the numerous Isle of Dawn bugs anytime soon?

We fix them as we get them.

Do any dev's have a working knowledge of the Bard's song coding, or are bards looking at never having new song components any time in the future?

Yes we do and partially because of that there are no plans to expand song components any further at the moment.

Could you please make minions stop auto-assisting when casting a spell?

Can look into it, but you have ways of telling them to back off when casting certain spells.

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