Think you got what it takes to be a MMORPG Gate writer? We are looking for writers who are, above all, great fans of MMO games.

If you usually play MMORPGs and would like to express your views, then you’re halfway through to being an MMORPG Gate contributor. You can review recent MMOs or write interesting articles. To join send your application to the e-mail . We will reply as fast as we can.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

1. Article Writer (Write original articles as required by MMORPG Gate).
2. Reviewer (Write Reviews as required by MMORPG Gate). You can write Closed Beta Test or Open Beta Test reviews which, if good enough, will gain the attention and focus of players.

1. Reviewers must buy the games at their own expense and then, if interested, suggest their availability to review it for MMORPG Gate.
2. Article writers must have the availability and capacity to write, at minimum, one article per month of no less than 700 words.
3. Ability to write in a clear, concise and engaging manner.
4. Must be an active player and possess great knowledge of the MMO genre.
5. Must be at least 18 years of age.

1. If any review/article is approved, it will be posted on the MMORPG Gate homepage.
2. The author will receive a cash reward for every review/article which is approved and published on MMORPG Gate (through Paypal only)
3. Broadcast your voice to our readers.
4. Gain more experience and knowledge from within the gaming industry.

Include the following information in your application:
-Experience in playing Massively Multiplayer Online Games

1. Articles submitted by Writers/Reviewers must be completely original and MMORPG Gate must be the first place where these articles are published; Violation of this rule may lead to the collaboration ceasing immediately.
2. Copyright on the articles is owned by its author and MMORPG Gate. If any media reprints any text from MMORPG Gate, it must be marked as "This article was originally published on".
3. MMORPG Gate has the right to reprint and appropriately modify reviews and articles.
4. The author has the right to revise his/her review upon giving prior notice to MMORPG Gate.

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