The Fallen Earth team has been working on a patch to fix some glitches and update aspects in the game. The patch 1.0.9 will be available tomorrow and you can check below the changes.

Fallen Earth v1.0.9

· Fixed a shadow issue with cloth objects that could cause a crash.
· Fixed the cloth flags so they are affected by volumetric fog.

· Updated the resource thread to sleep when there are no resources to load, which brings the total CPU use down to around 50% or lower on a dual-core machine.

· Added the Large Address Aware option, which enables up to 4GB process space for 64-bit operating systems instead of the default 2GB.
· Fixed a possible server crash when harvesting.
· Fixed two areas of the code base that could cause slowdowns or even stall the server for a few seconds.

· Fixed an issue with trees that could cause a crash inside the Ageia SDK and also affect performance over time.
· Fixed an issue with characters falling through the world when moving fast over a tunnel or entering certain levels.
· Enabled particle debris on vehicles driving over dirt or gravel.

· Added an optimization to the filtering and sorting of recipes.
· Added mission waypoints and custom waypoints to the map filter.
· Updated the target and weapon windows to be hidden when empty.
· Updated the mount window to save opacity settings between sessions.
· Fixed an issue with the Unspent AP display sometimes displaying a negative number.
· Fixed an issue where the AP spending spinner would not show the right maximum value until a selection was made.
· Fixed the faction wheel so that it won’t label the player according to the highest faction total if all factions have negative values.
· Fixed an issue with the faction window, which was giving a title automatically if the player clicked Apply before selecting one.
· Fixed the trade window to allow you to trade all your chips at once.
· Fixed the scope mode to correctly hide windows that are tabbed together.
· Fixed a display issue with pack inventory weight.
· Fixed a crash that would happen when a non-item was dragged to an item slot.
· Updated the overhead and interior maps so opacity applies to them.
· Fixed a bug where you could not click the AP button in the stat window while it was glowing.
· Enabled vertical resizing on the Auction window.

· Fixed a new issue with vehicles sometimes not playing their engine sound.
· Updated mounts so that clicking on one while moving or dismounting won’t start a mount action.
· Increased the range at which the mount window pops up. You can click the mount window to target your mount at any time.
· Fixed an issue which could cause a character to be displaced to the back when dismounting.

· Made few more optimizations on position updates.

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