There's no denying that Wrath of the Lich King added some interesting quests. From the first time you step foot on Northrend you're greeted with some new and different quests. Let's begin by looking at Borean Tundra; a starter zone for those approximately 68 to 73.

Although you don't have to go through Borean Tundra, there are some fun quests there you might want to check out. Borean Tundra is more Horde oriented than Howling Forge, but Alliance players can find some entertainment there as well.

Neutral Quests
These quests can be completed by either faction.

Quest: Surrender… Not!
Rewards: Kill Claximus and return to King Mrgl-Mrgl for a green piece of armor, over 25 thousand experience, 10 gold, and 350 reputation with the Cenarion Expedition.

Description: The King Mrgl-Mrgl at Winterfin Retreat requests that you retrieve the Claw of Claximus from within the nearby cave. By the time you pick up this quest you've been in and around the cave a few times. To make your last journey inside the cave a little quicker, King Mrgl-Mrgl gives you a murloc suit. In this suit the aggro murlocs will appear as friendly and you'll be able to travel deep within the cave without incident. Kill Claximus isn't anything to worry about either.

Why it's fun: Obviously, you get to dress up in a murloc suit. Aside from the benefit of not having to kill everything in a cave (if that bothers you), you look like a giant cloth murloc. Before you turn in the quest be sure to /dance, /flex, jump, etc. while in the suit. It's good for a laugh and chances are you've never been in a murloc suit before.

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