PC Gamer UK spoke to Blizzard and returned with a host of new details about the eagerly awaited World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Let us warn you some of the details may be seen as spoilers, so beware before reading what's below - Thanks to WoW.com for the info.

* The worgen starting zone actually begins in a flashback. Gilneas is besieged by the Forsaken and gripped with rumors of plague. You meet a dissenter, Crowley, who believes that Gilneas' isolationism is a mistake and that they should rejoin the Alliance. When the worgen curse comes, you and Crowley lead the defensive, but are pushed back to the city cathedral, where you realize that the worgen you are fighting are your own friends and neighbors driven feral. As you realize this, the curse takes you.

* Goblins start on Kezan as a pretty high level (society-wise, not game mechanics) executive, successful and rich, with a hot secretary. When Kezan begins to fall apart, you give your life savings to a Trade Prince who promises you safe passage to the mainland. Instead, he captures you and tries to sell into slavery. That's when the shipwreck happens and the story picks up with the BlizzCon portion.

* Garrosh is confirmed to be the new leader of the Horde. He's redesigned Orgrimmar, and has actually evicted all but the orcs and tauren from the center of the city, saying that only those two races are strong enough to defend it.

* The ruins of Lordaeron are being expanded, with a pit opening into the Undercity.

* The four new raids will be more like Naxxramas than Sartharion. Deathwing won't be in one of the launch raids.

* Southshore will have succumbed to tidal waves.

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