Vogster Entertainment today officially announced that CrimeCraft is going free to play. This change - and others you can read below - will be effective later this month. So, besides the Unlimited Free Trial program, which let's players try the major features of CrimeCraft for free, there's the Original Gangster Program, to compensate early players with some extras (an exclusive "Original Gangster" in-game tag and icon that will set them apart from the masses, an extra free month on the subscription, and priority access to future content).

The subscription based account now exists in two flavors: Standard Subscription for $4.99/month and the $9.99/month Premium Subscription.

For all the details, including the planned enhancements due for the end of October, read the official press release:

NEW YORK, NY, October 2, 2009 – Vogster Entertainment, LLC, an international innovator in video game design and content, today announced an unlimited free trial, an enhanced subscription model, the game’s first major content update, as well as a loyalty reward program for existing customers of their PC-based Online Shooter, CrimeCraft. All changes are slated to commence later this month.

“The CrimeCraft community talks and we listen,” said Mario Kroll, Director of Marketing at Vogster. “We’ve been working closely with the community to find ways to enhance the content, depth and player experience to make CrimeCraft the best it can possibly be. In addition to our first major content update, at the end of this month we will offer a non-expiring, free trial that will allow gamers to experience the major features of the game without paying a subscription.”

Details of the free trial and subscription model changes are as follows:

• Unlimited Free Trial –New CrimeCraft players will be able to experience the major features of the game for free for as long as they want.

• Varied Subscription Options – CrimeCraft will introduce a new Standard Subscription for $4.99/month in addition to the current $9.99/month Premium Subscription option. The major differences between the subscription levels is the extent of customization, skill slots, speed of experience gain and inventory capacity. Standard and Premium subscription features will also be showcased behind “velvet rope” areas to allow players to make a fully-informed subscription decision.

• Seamless Transition – Players can seamlessly convert from a free trial to a paying account and switch between subscription levels. Features will be placed “on hold” or unlocked based on the current subscription level.

• Original Gangsters – In appreciation of our current CrimeCraft customers, everyone that purchases the game between launch and the introduction of the free trial later this month will receive a third month of Premium Subscription at no cost, and a host of in-game rewards including an “Original Gangster” tag and icon for their characters as well as priority access to future content.

The boxed version of CrimeCraft that is sold exclusively at Best Buy and FutureShop retail stores will remain the ideal way to jump into the world of Sunrise City. It now includes three free months of premium membership, an initial stake of 100 gold bars and access to exclusive in-game items – virtual apparel from Marc Ecko and Atticus Clothing, a discount card for in-game purchases and a combat backpack to expand carrying capacity.

CrimeCraft will also bring the first of many scheduled content updates online at the end of October. This first update will increase the game’s depth and adds many of the features most requested by our fans, including the following planned enhancements:

• Sunrise City Times – In-game newspaper that will feed information to the players concerning the latest news and happening in the game, including dynamic exploits by players and gangs.

• Your Name in Lights – In addition to making stars of players inside the newspaper feature, top ranked gangs and players will see their alter egos promoted on billboards.

• Titles Through Achievements – By completing certain difficult achievements, players will gain access to in-game icons and titles to make their character stand out and further communicate street credit and reputation.

• Kill the Boss Mode – A new PvE mode that allows players to cooperatively fight AI controlled enemies across every in-game map and take out bosses to get the best loot. This dramatically enhances the variety of environments for the highly praised PvE instances currently in the game.

• Storytellers – New Municipal Agent NPCs will provide a more in depth look at the back story that makes the universe of CrimeCraft a place of guns, gangs and intrigue.

• New NPC Gang and Mission Chains – A new NPC gang will offer additional missions and jobs.

• Player Loot Drops – Now players will be able to gain loot from participating in Riot Mode PvP, with the highest ranked players dropping more valuable loot if killed.

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