Face of MankindThe Face of Mankind Open Beta has officially ended on December 29, but that doesn't mean players are forced out of the game.

Everyone will be able to enjoy the free account for as long as they want, but with some limitations. Those who want the full deal need to become a Premium Subscriber.

Premium Subscribers get the following advantages:

* 3x the storage space (3000 items per world)
* More than double the inventory space
* Promotion to the highest ranks possible
* Work off your penalty points 2-3x faster
* See other players of your faction on the minimap (free accounts will not see other players on the minimap at all)
* Carry more weapons
* Have an extra quickslot to use items more easily
* 200% Cloning speed
* Buy up to 200 clones
* Produce the highest quality of items
* No limit to selling items on the markets (free accounts are limited to 50 items offered per market)
* Own apartments
* Create your own department (if appropriate rank)
* Wear civilian clothing

Premium accounts are available for $9.99 USD monthly. There are other options to consider:

* $26.99 USD - per 3 months (saving 10%)
* $49.99 USD - per 6 months (saving one full month)

The billing system currently supports PayPal (including their direct debit options) and credit cards.

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