Atari and Cryptic have just released some new information on the characters we’ll meet in Champions Online Revelation - Vibora Bay. This is the first official expansion pack for Champions Online, and one that will be available for free. Besides the overview and character info, we have some new shots.

Vibora Bay was never destined to be like other cities. Some will say it’s the music that sets her apart, some will say it’s the food, or the culture, or the religion steeped in voodoo tradition. The more discerning will say it’s the magic so thick it fills the air. But they’d only be partly right.

Revelation takes us far below Vibora Bay, the sultry southern city, where an ancient magic lies. An angel (Therakiel), exiled from heaven and hell for his refusal to take sides during Lucifer’s first rebellion, has been hiding deep below the city. It is his primeval magic that permeates all of Vibora Bay and has drawn powerful witches, wizards, and sorcerers to the city for centuries. The ultimate resolution of this epic conflict hinges on one man, Robert Caliburn, and whoever controls Caliburn will control the war and triumph.

Revelation is a free expansion pack available to all players in mid-March. Venture into Vibora Bay, the mysterious city on the bayou, and discover all new threats lurking around every corner! Here's what you can expect from Revelation:

• Brand New Level 37 to 40 Content: Experience the endgame in all new ways, as friends become enemies and the picturesque Vibora Bay falls sway to the half-angel, half-demon Therakiel.
• Six Bew Meta-Powers: Earn brand new Tier 4 powers.
• Therakiel's Temple: Group with friends to conquer the most challenging Champions Online Lair yet!
• New Enemy Groups: Battle a variety of new enemies – including five all new factions- the Sovereign Sons, Trey Kings, New Shadows, Dogz and Nephilim!
• Over 30 New Perks: Dozens of new ways to achieve in Champions Online.
• New Costume Pieces: Entirely new costume sets available.

Vibora Bay is overrun by all new villains and heroes. These are some of the friends and enemies you'll meet along your way.

Guy Sweetland: At his restaurant in Vibora Bay, Guy Sweetland makes the best cheval steak you’ve ever had. Anyone you meet will tell you he’s also a mobster, not that most of them have proof. Some will tell you he’s a werewolf, although most are too afraid to say anything. A few people will also tell you that he consorts with demons, which isn’t precisely accurate - More like a fallen angel. He is a powerful man looking for more power. If that means hurting other people, he doesn’t have a problem with that.

Black Mask: She is the first woman to pick up the mantle of the Black Mask. Jennifer Ward was the only child of the prior Black Mask. Her father was reluctant to train her; he wanted to keep his little girl safe. But Jennifer wasn’t about to give up her quest to become a part of the family legacy. Eventually, her father gave in. Since his retirement she has worked tirelessly to protect her chosen city, Vibora Bay. She’s a well trained martial artist with a keen analytical mind. If she has to, she’ll use weapons to defend herself, but she prefers to use her intelligence to defeat her enemies.

Baron Cimetiere: He is the leader of the street gang known as the Sovereign Sons, a voodoo priest in his own right, and a very dangerous man. He uses his power to strengthen the Sons, expanding their ranks – some whisper – with his zombie servants. What few know is that he has become little more than a shell for the Loa, powerful spirits, who ride him for their own purposes.

Juryrig: Juryrig is a mechanical genius. He can build almost anything and do it even with limited resources. He’s also a bit of a prankster. He gets a kick out of capturing bad guys and making them look ridiculous at the same time. While he doesn’t have the same kind of physical prowess as the Black Mask, or magical ability as Dr. Ka, he’s determined and inventive. He has a particular vendetta against VIPER; they stole one of his earliest inventions and used it to commit crimes. He’ll do almost anything to spike their guns.

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