It seems that the playable version of The Agency that was teased a few weeks ago is now alive and kicking. And, just as we predicted, it's not the MMO itself, but a Facebook game, called The Agency: Covert Ops.

Read all about it below and play here.

Sony Online Entertainment launches new game full of pulse-pounding action and intrigue

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. - May 4, 2010 - Ever wanted to live the life of an elite agent in the world of international espionage? Thanks to Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE), the world of jet-setting super spies and shady operatives comes to Facebook with today's launch of The Agency™: Covert Ops (, the company's first social action game.

Developed in SOE's Tucson studio, The Agency: Covert Ops is a compelling social media action game that immerses players in the top secret world of spies and super villains from the safe house of the Facebook platform. Players in The Agency: Covert Ops will be the first to get a taste of the action and intrigue in SOE's upcoming FPS-MMO The Agency (PlayStation3 and PC). Covert Ops agents engage in pulse-pounding missions, killer mini-games and cool avatar customization while delving into an explosive storyline.

"The Agency: Covert Ops is unlike other Facebook games out there right now due to its stylized look and feel along with its deep story line," said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. "It's a great way for Facebook users to play a casual game with exciting missions, great mini-games and even the ability to share achievements with your Facebook friends. It's the ultimate in spy-genre Facebook gaming."

Live the life of an elite agent, power up your Agency and recruit your friends to run group missions and defeat rivals together in a dynamic underworld. The job won't be easy. Here's what you'll experience in the suave and dangerous world of The Agency: Covert Ops:


* Pulse-Pounding Missions: Travel the globe as a jet-setting agent taking down rivals and building your network of operatives. Encounter a new breed of super villains and their murderous henchmen in various missions giving you access to new gadgets, weapons and the most desirable intel.

* Killer Mini-games: Agents need to master safe-cracking, bomb defusing, code breaking, evidence gathering and even rooftop parkour. Covert Ops has action and puzzle mini-games that put your spy skills to the test and push you to the limits of your intellect.

* You Are What You Wear: Will you be a sexy super spy or a rugged mercenary? The choice is yours in Covert Ops. Pick from five class-based abilities, each with its own special advantage when battling enemy forces in combat. Customize your avatar with the latest in designer fashion, or deck yourself out in cutting edge industrial battle gear. Choose from hundreds of items and collect attire and aliases to access numerous locales and gain influence over the people within them.

* Pimp Your HQ: Build an Agency headquarters that your friends will envy! Make a statement by personalizing your HQ with a wide array of designer furniture, sleek electronics, and the latest security devices. Show off your trophies from deadly assignments in distant lands and visit your friend's headquarters for ideas-you'll get bonus items just for dropping in, too.

* The Black Market: Elite agents are only as good as their gadgets and weapons. Whatever the mission, the Black Market has what you need to get the job done. Browse collections of high-tech weapons, surveillance equipment, and home decor. Whether you're paying with wealth won from missions or purchased with cold, hard Station Cash™, we have what you need to care of business like a pro. Some of the things in here aren't exactly legal... but when you're above the law, it doesn't matter!

* Your Network of Agents: Work alone or engage in group missions with your Facebook friends. Agents can also recruit the world's most dangerous and eccentric operatives, creating a top notch Agency of world renown. Covert Ops even makes it easy to share your feats of stealth and style by posting your accomplishments or snapshots of your avatar on your Facebook wall.

Will you be brave enough to build the world's next great Agency? It can only happen if you take the challenge and start your journey.

Play The Agency: Covert Ops today at:

For more information, please visit:

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