Xsyon MMORPGNotorious Games set to launch MMORPG Xsyon Prelude on March 1st, 2011!

Xsyon is a unique fantasy role playing sandbox MMORPG that allows players to create their own virtual realities as they form tribes, build towns, shape landscapes, create quests and build an economy.

War has destroyed life as we know it. The Apocalypse is at hand!

Will you fight for justice to stop the chaos or will you join in the ranks of evil to bring upon the ultimate destruction of the earth?

Imagine yourself in an Apocalyptic world. Modern conveniences are a thing of the past. No computers, no cells phones, no electricity. You are among the few strong survivors, but you must gain skills and learn to survive in this harsh new world.

Every day brings a new challenge as you are pummeled by the elements or find yourself hunting and foraging on your quest to thrive in this Apocalyptic world of creatures, mythical legends, and prophecies that are now all coming true.

Explore this new world and join with other characters striving to survive, or claim a small plot of land of your own and visit tribal lands only to trade items and obtain quests. You may find communication and cooperation with other characters essential, or you can go it alone as you struggle against the harsh conditions that this savage land will thrust upon you.

Work for good and build a prosperous new world or attempt to destroy what is left. Your path is one of choice. Will your actions help heal the planet or will you play a part in its ultimate doom?

What will be the destiny of the Xsyon, the promised land?

The future is in your hands.

Xsyon is designed as an open ended sandbox MMORPG that evolves with its community.

The Prelude is a limited first release of the Xsyon virtual world. An isolated basin, surrounded by mountains in a future American wilderness serves as the launching point for the ever expanding world. This setting provides a pristine environment for players to settle and develop a new online community and determine the future of Xsyon.

Notorious Games is currently taking pre-orders for Xsyon: Prelude.

Pre-Order now to receive:

- 2 months of game play after the launch.
- A limited edition in game special weapon.
- Immediate access to the final testing phase of the game.

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